Almaden Valley Real Estate Market Update – November 14, 2011

The number of listings on the market in Almaden Valley dropped from 72 last Monday to 65 this Monday, while listings under contract increased from 34% to 38% during the same time frame. Traditional (ie non-distressed) listings dropped from 63 to 57 and the percentage under contract increased from 28% to 30% from last Monday.

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Almaden Valley Real Estate Market Update – November 7, 2011

The Almaden Valley real estate market continued to decrease slightly in what is most likely the normal seasonal slow-down we see every year at this time. The total number of single family homes for sale decreased from 74 last week to 72 this week, while the percentage of properties under contract dropped from 35% to 34% over the same time. Traditional (ie non-distressed) homes experienced the same trend, from 65 single family home for sale last Monday to 63 today, and the percentage under contract dropping from 29% to 28% over the same time. The interest rates offered by some banks dropped slightly. Although buyers are still being lured by the historically low interest rates, it remains to be seen if the rates will motivate buyers to act during the holiday season when we usually see a slowdown in sales.

Almaden Valley Real Estate Market Update – October 18, 2011

The number of active listings in Almaden Valley increased slightly from last week, from 76 to 80 this week. The percentage of listings that are in escrow decreased slightly, from 38% to 35%. Traditional (ie non-distressed) listings experienced a similar change, from 67 to 71 active listings and from 31% in escrow to 30% this week. This could very likely be the early stages of the annual slow-down we see around the holidays.

Interest rates remain fairly much at the same level as last week.

Almaden Valley Real Estate Market Update – September 12, 2011

We experienced another week of slow but steady improvement of the Almaden Valley real estate market. The number of available homes remained steady at 85, but the number of pending listings increased from 35% to 36%. Traditional (ie non-distressed) sales showed similar activity, with available properties remaining at 79 and pending listings showing an increase from 26% to 28%. Mortgage rates remain at historic lows, and buyers appear to be taking advantage of this fact.