Therese Swan

#1 Almaden Valley Realtor

Therese Swan #1 Almaden Realtor

Almaden Realtor, Therese Swan, is committed to providing the highest quality service in the Almaden Valley real estate market.

As an Almaden Realtor, Therese utilizes her previous experience in the sale of high-end business and technology consulting in order to thoroughly understand her clients’ needs, analyze market conditions, and provide her clients with the in-depth information they need to make timely and accurate real estate decisions. Therese’s clients also benefit from her strong negotiating skills that she developed during those early years of executive sales.

Being sixth out of seven children, Therese grew up in the Bay Area in a family with extremely strong values that recognized the importance of education, hard work, and, above all else, honesty and integrity. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from The College of William and Mary with majors in both mathematics and computer science, and studied at the graduate level in advanced computer science at University of Illinois.

Therese developed an early passion for real estate and began investing in properties right after college. Her education led to her first career in the tech industry, initially as a programmer analyst and later selling consulting services to corporate executives. She transitioned from tech to real estate in January 2003, a couple of months after she obtained her real estate license.

Eric Freiling, Realtor

Using Therese to buy or sell an Almaden home is a wise choice. Her record of excellence, frequent referrals, extensive network of people, and happy clients are proof.

The Top Almaden Realtor

Therese’s experience and accomplishments in both real estate investing and real estate technology led to swift success as a real estate agent, her primary focus being Almaden Valley real estate. Since 2003, Therese has closed more than $670 million in Almaden Valley real estate alone, which is more than any other agent or team of agents during that same time frame.

Highlights of Therese’s accomplishments as an Almaden Valley Realtor:

  • 2009-2023: For 15 years in a row, Therese has been the #1 Almaden Realtor, as measured by Dollars per Agent per Year (data from Multiple Listing Service). In 2023, she closed $75 million in Almaden Valley, which is $24 million more than any other agent or team of agents. That year she was also the #1 Agent in all of San Jose.
  • 2012: Therese was recognized for the first time by The Wall Street Journal & REAL Trends Top 1,000 in its annual ranking of the top real estate agents in the United States. Therese is the only Almaden Valley real estate specialist to be recognized twice in the Top 250 by Sales Volume category.
  • 2006: After just three years as an Almaden Realtor, Therese placed in the top 5% of all Santa Clara County Realtors.

Active in the Almaden Valley Community

Therese and her husband Hing So, who sadly passed away in 2021, moved to Almaden Valley in 2001. They have three beautiful daughters. As a resident of Almaden Valley, Therese’s favorite pastimes have included hiking in Almaden’s Quicksilver Park and roller skating on the Coyote Creek Trail. She has also donated much of her spare time and resources helping those less fortunate than her in areas outside Almaden Valley.

Over the years, Therese has been an avid supporter of Almaden Valley schools in many ways. This includes sponsorships of the Williams Wins Foundation, Graystone Spring Celebration, Williams Elementary School Annual Crab and Pasta Feed, Almaden Country School Yearbook, Leland Robotics Club, Leland Dandiya Festival, and the annual Run Turkey Run fundraiser that benefits Bret Harte Middle School’s Booster Club.

Background in the Technology Industry

Prior to becoming an Almaden Realtor, Therese worked in the technology industry first as a programmer, then as a project lead, and later in sales for both software and high-end business and technology consulting services. Programming expertise included MVS Systems Programming as well as Applications Programming on a multitude of platforms, databases, and operating systems.

Regardless of company, organization or job assignment, Therese was consistently ranked in the highest performance category. As one manager commented on an appraisal, “Therese has a finely developed ability to see solutions where others see complex problems and has the ability to create the vision and understanding in others.”

Highlights of Therese’s accomplishments in the tech industry:

  • 2001: Founded startup company focused on mobile web computing using PenPoint technology. First market was the real estate sales professional.
  • 2000: Launched sales of new web-based product for small software company and obtained executive level support from major business partners including FileNET. As a direct result of Therese’s efforts, FileNET ultimately purchased the product line for $20 million, representing most of the company.
  • 1998: Established executive relationships at Bank of America for AT&T. In less than six months, closed BofA on using AT&T for their entire ISP service. This was the first significant sale AT&T made to the bank in four years and opened the doors for future AT&T success.
  • 1997: Ranked highest in contracted revenue in the entire nation for AT&T Advanced Network Solutions and achieved 200% of quota. Therese’s revenue represented 80% of the Western Region total out of 14 Sales Execs.
  • 1996: Ranked second in Western Region AT&T Advanced Network Solutions out of 14 Sales Execs.
  • 1995: Ranked first in AT&T Bell Labs Professional Services out of a group of six Sales Execs. Revenue was 300% of quota and 50% of total group revenue.
  • 1994: Ranked first in AT&T Bell Labs Professional Services out of a group of six Sales Execs. Revenue was 200% of quota and 43% of total group revenue.
  • 1993: Managed professional services organization of 20 developers and system designers. Doubled revenue from prior year while still lowering expenses. Introduced Mobile Computing Solutions initiative using PenPoint technology as well as other mobile platforms. Customers included TCI Cable and PG&E.
  • 1991: Redesigned business processes and was lead designer and developer on a Unix-based system that enabled AT&T to achieve financial commitments associated with the retirement and removal of $7 billion in analog equipment. Project was Therese’s idea, and saved AT&T $13 million in reduced labor expense during the first 18 months of deployment.
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