Almaden Valley Videos

Enjoy these delightful and entertaining videos of special events in Almaden Valley, including fundraisers, festivals, celebrations, fairs, competitions, and more. These videos are brought to you courtesy of Therese Swan, Almaden Valley Realtor. Transcript available below.

Hi everyone, it’s great to be here in Montevideo for another neighborhood parade. It’s the greatest place to be on 4th of July, and we wish everybody a happy holiday.

Thank you, Ron, for coming out and being our Grand Marshall. It’s been a pleasure all the things we’ve had in common together. I’m going to thank the people that actually did most of the work. I just show up!

All the streets here, they put in a lot of hours creating their floats and all the neighborhoods and the neighbors get together working on their floats and their costumes. It’s just a great way to spend the 4th of July.


This is probably our 45th year we’ve been doing this. We’re excited about it for our community. We have a run in the morning, a parade, then we have a great barbecue and pool games until 5 today, and we just enjoy having the whole family get together.


I’m Allegra, and this is Laura, and our kids are all on the swim team, for many years. And this is the homemade bark that Laura made.

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