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Buyer Enthusiasm for Almaden Real Estate Continues into Late Summer

Almaden Valley real estate continues to be hot despite the slight late summer slowdown we generally see this time of year. The number of single family homes offered for sale increased from the beginning of the month and ended with some of the highest numbers we’ve seen since late last year. The number of listings that were under contract dropped slightly as did the average sold price, reflecting the seasonal variation we usually see during the summer months.

When we compare this past July 2013 to July 2012, we can see exactly how inventory-starved the Almaden Valley market is. July 2013 saw a significantly lower amount of inventory available, with a significantly higher number of homes under contract and sold. This indicates that buyer enthusiasm for Almaden Valley continues to be keen despite our predictable seasonal fluctuations.

Strong Sellers Market in Almaden Real Estate this Spring and Summer

Almaden Valley real estate still strongly favors sellers, although we saw a slight dip in the number of single family homes that sold in June as compared to May. As Summer is generally a time when real estate activity can quiet down a bit as families plan summer vacations, I don’t see this as something to be concerned about.

Another reason aside from seasonal fluctuation that I’m not concerned about this slight drop in activity is the fact that the average price per square foot continues to increase at a fairly steady rate and is, in fact, is around $90/sq.ft. higher than it was in June 2012.

Although sellers are starting to put their homes on the market in order to capitalize on the intense interest in Almaden Valley, inventory remains frustratingly low for the buyers who are in the market today. If you would like to know how YOU can capitalize on this incredible seller’s market, contact me and let me show how I can help!

Buyers Snapping Up Almaden Homes at a Brisk Pace

The number of available single family homes in Almaden Valley dropped slightly, from 42 last week to 41 this Monday. On the other hand, the number of listings that are under contract jumped from 43 to 49 over the same time period.

In the past five days alone, eight homes came on the market in Almaden Valley. The fact is, buyers are snapping up homes at a very brisk pace. Although the graph below might indicate that sales have dropped from February 2012 to February 2013, this is likely in large part a function of the dearth of inventory we’ve been experiencing. When we look at the total number for sale versus those that are pending, we see that the percentage of listings under contract a year ago was approximately 37%, while last month it was almost 40%. The average sale price also edged up during that same time frame.

With the recent good news about the economic upturn (along with those historically low mortgage rates), it is quite likely that even more buyers will be emboldened to enter the market and create even more demand for our rising inventory. This is especially good news for sellers, who stand to gain from any heightening of our already keen market interest. If you want to take advantage of this strong seller’s market, give me a call and let me know how I can help!

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