Almaden Valley Real Estate Market Update for May 29, 2012

Almaden Valley Real Estate Market Update

Almaden Valley Real Estate Market Update

The Almaden Valley real estate market continues to show slow increases in the number of single family homes on the market. There are 65 active listings this week, up from 63 last week. The percentage of homes under contract remained at the 46% it was last week.

Around this time last year, there were 103 single family listings on the market and 39% under contract. If we compare the actual number of homes under contract, 56 this week versus 66 a year ago, we can see that buyer interest is at similar levels, but supply is perilously low.

There are likely to be several reasons why sellers are not taking advantage of a market where eager buyers practically outnumber available homes, but it is a fantastic time to sell.

If you are thinking about taking advantage of this unique market, either by purchasing or selling a home, give me a call and let’s talk about how I can help!