Almaden Valley Real Estate Market Update for June 19, 2012

Almaden Valley Real Estate Market Update

This past week’s Almaden Valley real estate showed little change, and what change we DID see is consistent with what’s been going on lately.

The number of single family homes available for sale dropped slightly this week, from 69 to 64. The percentage of listings under contract increased from 45% to 50%.

It’s the same story this week as I’ve been telling for the past few months; sellers aren’t selling but buyers are buying. This time of year usually see almost twice as many homes on the market.

One interesting bit of data; the number of homes under contract this week is actually slightly higher than this time last year, while the number of active listings is nearly half of what it was last year.

As can be imagined, competition for the limited number of homes is fierce, and buyers frequently get into bidding wars. This can be a dream come true for sellers who are ready to put their homes on the market; buyers eager to take advantage of low interest rates jostling to present the winning offer.

If you want to take advantage of this seller’s market, give me a call and let’s talk about how I can help!