October 2022 Almaden Valley Real Estate Market Update

Almaden Valley real estate has entered the more leisurely holiday period, when we expect the market to slow as the holidays progress. In looking over the previous several months, we can see that the frantic pace of 2021 was not repeated in 2022. In fact, the market appears to be much more in alignment with pre-pandemic times as far as pending and sold listings are concerned. Inventory is still a bit tight but not enough to fuel the vigorous bidding wars of 2021.

The price per square foot is where we can see the market transitioning to a more stable place. April 2022 saw a peak of nearly $1100 per square foot, while October posted a more moderate $842. Although this number is lower than the $882 of October 2021, it is up a healthy 18% over the $712 from October 2020.

Overall, the Almaden Valley real estate market appears to be resuming a more sustainable pattern. We can expect things to continue cooling through the holidays as is what we expect for this time of year. If you’re thinking about buying or selling, give me a call!

October 2022 Almaden Valley Real Estate Market