March 2019 Almaden Valley Real Estate Market Update

March 2019 Almaden Valley Real Estate Market Update… The Almaden Valley real estate market ended the month of March showing solid signs of recovery from the holiday doldrums. The number of single family homes under contract jumped from 19 in February to 35 in March, and the number of sales rocketed from 9 to 20 in the same time frame, while the number of single family homes on the market increased from 25 to 37. The average price per square foot inched up from $673 in February to $678 in March.

When we compare the Almaden Valley market performance to years past, we can see that the wild ride with sellers at the wheel has slowed down considerably, and the market continues showing signs that it is turning to a normal market. We are not seeing quite as many single family homes selling for more than the list price, indicating that inventory is more than meeting demand. The number of homes sold each month has been trending slightly downward, a sign that demand has cooled a bit from the past frantic activity we saw.

Make no mistake, demand for homes in Almaden Valley is healthy, but the market shift means it’s not quite as easy to sell as it was in times past, when almost all it took was putting a “For Sale” sign in the yard. The spirited bidding wars are not nearly as common as they were, either. But homes that are move-in ready and priced well still receive a lot of attention.  And now that all our rain has appeared to have stopped, it is quite possible that buyers will soon be out again in droves.

If you are thinking of selling your home, contact me and let me show how I can help you make the most of our changing market!

March 2019 Almaden Valley Real Estate

On the Wildflower Trail in Almaden

Wildflower trail AlmadenSpring is well and truly upon us, and with it comes the enchantment and wonder of the wildflowers. After a particularly wet winter, the hills around Almaden Valley and the nature parks surrounding it are now bejewelled in a riot of colors in the form of spring wildflowers. Besides the poppies, daisies and clovers carpeting the meadows, one can also find the jewelflower, the California gilia, the California buttercup, brodiaea, baby blue eyes, woodland star and the shooting star, among other varieties dotting the hills.

For the avid nature lover and photographer in you, the following trails in the county parks surrounding Almaden Valley are bound to delight in their abundance of wildflowers.

Almaden Quicksilver County Park:
  • Senador Trail to Guadalupe
  • Trail to Mine Hill
  • Castillero Trail
Calero County Park:
  • Serpentine Loop Trail
Coyote Lake – Harvey Bear Ranch County Park:
  • Coyote Ridge Trail
  • Calaveras Trail
Santa Teresa County Park:
  • Rocky Ridge Trail
  • Stiles Trail
Grant County Park:
  • San Felipe Trail at Corral Trail
  • Halls Valley Trail
  • Brush Trail at Dutch Flat Trail

Whether you are a dedicated outdoors person or prefer to explore nature at leisure, now is the time to hit the trails. Walk or hike on these easily accessible trails and experience the many splendours of spring wildflowers in Almaden.

For more information, visit:

January 2019 Almaden Valley Real Estate Market Update

January 2019 Almaden Valley Real Estate Market Update… Almaden Valley single family home sales are coming out of the sleepy holiday season as January statistics show. The number of homes on the market increased slightly from 14 in December to 15 in January, but the number of homes under contract jumped over 33%, from 9 to 12 over the same time period.

When comparing longer-range trends, it would appear that the red-hot nature of the real estate market has cooled a bit compared to our dramatic performance in 2018. Despite more homes offered for sale, the number of homes under contract in January of this year dropped almost 30% from the same time last year (17 versus 12) and the number of solds over 13% (15 versus 13).

It appears that the Almaden Valley single home market is transitioning from being controlled by sellers to a more balanced market. The drop in price per square footage that we saw in January (down from $681 in December to $642 and down from $672 in January 2018) bears this out.

Homes are remaining on the market for longer as well. We saw a rather dramatic jump in days on market in December (31 days) to January (51 days). Contrasting last month to the same time in 2018, we see an even more dramatic jump from 20 days.

What does this mean for home sellers in Almaden Valley? Selling a home may take longer and prices are quite possibly not going to go as high as last year’s record high ($757/sq ft in June 2018), so try to catch the spring market if at all possible. There was a lot of rain in February, but as soon as the sun comes out, I am sure we will see dramatic improvement. If you have any questions or are ready to make a move, give me a call!

January 2019 Almaden Valley Real Estate Market

Almaden Swim & Racquet Club Courses

Almaden Swim and Racquet ClubThe Almaden Swim & Racquet Club (ASRC) is hosting a series of American Red Cross Certified Lifeguard training courses between March and May 2019. The courses will be provided by Norcal Lifeguard Training under the guidance of instructor Tami Moore.

The dates are as follows:

  • Session 1: March 9 – 10
  • Session 2: April 13 – 14
  • Session 3: May 18 – 19.

The costs are $125 for a one-day recertification course and $200 for a two-day new certification course. The training is open to all participants 15 years or older.

NorCal Lifeguard Training is an authorized American Red Cross provider. This Lifeguard certification also includes First Aid, CPR and AED certification, and is valid for two years.

For more information, contact Tami Moore at or call 408-772-9016, or visit

December 2018 Almaden Valley Real Estate Market Update

December 2018 Almaden Valley Real Estate Market Update… The Almaden Valley real estate market ended 2018 on a quiet note. Active, pending and sold listings all ended lower than they were in November, which is a pretty typical holiday season feature. The average price per square foot was up over 5% from November, ending the year at $681.

When compared to previous years, we saw some elements of the white-hot Almaden Valley single family home market cool down a bit the last few months of 2018. Months of Inventory available in December 2018 was significantly higher than it has been in recent years, due to an increase in sellers entering the market. When comparing 2018 to years past, we can see that overall inventory often met or exceeded demand, which is a hallmark of a transition to a market where buyers exert more market influence, and sellers compete for buyers rather than vice versa as we’ve seen in the past.

The gradual increase in average price per square foot seems to bear out the gradual cooling, especially when comparing prices from previous Decembers. In December 2017 we were at $671/sqft level. This increased to $681/sqft in December 2018, a rather modest 1.5% increase as compared to the much higher 9.3% increase we saw from December 2016’s $614/sqft level to December 2017.

But, don’t worry, things appear to be picking up these past couple of weeks as we head into the spring selling season. If you’re thinking about getting into the market, send me an email or give me a call!

December 2018 Almaden Valley Real Estate Market

Almaden Community Center Winter 2019 Activities and Classes

Almaden Community Center Winter 2019

The Almaden Community Center Winter 2019 activities and classes are open for registration. Here are some of the exciting new offerings for the season.

Art with the Masters – Participants will learn about some of the great masters in art and study their paintings.

Painting Party with Ms. Marla – Learn to paint from scratch. All painting material including canvas, paints and brushes will be provided.

Apprentice Electrical Engineering: Electrified – Participants use Snap Circuits and other engineering design process tools to design, create and test various electronic circuits. Objects designed include a flashlight and a magnetic levitation vehicle!

Electronic Game Design: Racing Games – Participants create their own racing games complete with cars, race tracks and the full racing environment. Fun stuff for the young speedsters.

Junior Civil Engineering: Fun Foundation – In this fun class, children understand the engineering concepts behind big infrastructure projects like skyscrapers and bridges.

Junior Wedo Lego Robotics 2.0: Robots in Motion – Children learn to build robots using Lego Wedo.

Little Sports Medicine – In Little Sports Medicine, your child can learn about common sports related injuries and how real doctors do their diagnoses.  

Minecraft YouTubers: Let’s Play – This is an exciting one for the diehard young Minecrafters. Participants create and upload Minecraft videos for YouTube, and in the process also learn about Internet safety.

New Year, New You – As we move towards 2019, find your inspiration through this motivational course. Goals, dreams, ideas and joy. Explore your inner zen.

For more information on these courses and to enroll, call 408-793-5565 or view the full catalog here.

November 2018 Almaden Valley Real Estate Market Update

The November 2018 Almaden Valley real estate market report reflects that the market is winding down for the year as both buyer and seller interest wane with the approaching holidays. We’ve seen a few patterns in 2018 that give some indication that our real estate market is transitioning from one controlled by sellers to one that favors buyers, but we’ll wait until the end of the year to go into depth.

Enjoy the holiday season!

Almaden Community Center Holiday Events

Almaden Community Center Holiday EventsAs we ease into the holiday season, here are a couple of exciting Almaden Community Center holiday events coming up in the next couple of weeks.

Breakfast with Santa on Saturday Dec. 8, 2018

The Almaden Community Center is hosting its annual Breakfast with Santa event on Saturday December 8th. A special holiday breakfast will be served and guests can participate in seasonal arts and crafts. During the event, there will be a visit from Santa with opportunities to take pictures. This event is open to all people of all ages. Registration required.

North Pole Party on Thursday Dec. 13, 2018

Make the holidays extra special for your child with this fun-filled holiday party that will transport them to the North Pole. The North Pole Party includes food, singing, art, activities, and even a special gift from the North Pole. Bring your child and come see the Almaden Community Center transformed into a winter wonderland. The party is for ages 4 to 6 and takes place from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm. Registration required.

To find out more about these events and to register, go to the Almaden Community Center website or call the Almaden Community Center at (408) 268-1133.

October 2018 Almaden Valley Real Estate Market Update

October 2018 Almaden Valley Real Estate Market Update… Almaden Valley real estate is firmly in the grips of the seasonal slowdown. The number of single family homes on the market in October was down to 35 from 39 in September and the number that sold dropped to 22 from 24 over the same time period, indicating that both buyers and sellers are showing less interest as we approach the holiday season.  The average price per square foot drop to $659 from $723 the previous month bears out this observation.

When comparing this past month to the same time last year, we see a bit less activity. The number of single family homes on the market is up over 59% from October 2017. I’ve been mentioning in other market reports that sellers have been more active this year, and this number demonstrates that. Sales, however, have cooled slightly: 26 single family homes sold in 2017 versus 22 last month.  However, the average price per square foot was $619 in October 2017 versus $659 this past month, which may explain why sales were a bit more brisk in comparison.

Overall, the holiday season tends to be a good time for buyers as inventory is good and competition is not nearly as keen as it is other times of the year. If you are thinking about buying a home, drop an email, text or call and let me show you how YOU can take advantage of the holiday market!

October 2018 Almaden Valley Real Estate Market

Almaden Little League Baseball 2019

Almaden Little League Baseball 2019Calling baseball’s little champs and enthusiasts! Almaden Little League Baseball registration is now open for the 2019 season.

The league welcomes children, both boys and girls, between the ages of 4 and 15 years, who live or attend school in 95120, 95141, or 95042. The Almaden Little League is a part of the Little League International and District 12. Prior experience of playing baseball is not required. So, if your child enjoys baseball and loves to have fun, Almaden Little League Baseball is a great place to meet new friends and learn to be part of a team.

Registration is open until December 31, 2018. For more information call 650-224-8955. To register online, visit