95120 Nights at Sonoma Chicken Coop – Summer 2011 – UPDATED 2022

logo: 95120 Nights95120 Almaden Lifestyle Magazine continues its series of 95120 Nights. Go enjoy the fun, social atmosphere.

Visit, mingle, and network with your fellow Almaden Valley business owners and residents. Enjoy $4.00 margaritas and complimentary appetizers.

Visit vendor tables under the covered patio and find special offers available to event goers only! Support local families involved in Pop Warner athletics: 15% of proceeds will be donated to Almaden Pop Warner Football & Cheerleading.

95120 Almaden Lifestyle Magazine is dedicated to building community and connecting people, businesses, schools, and organizations in Almaden Valley.

The next 95120 Nights is at Sonoma Chicken Coop in Almaden Valley on June 29, 2011 from 6-11pm. For more information, contact 95120 Almaden Lifestyle Magazine. [EVENT AND LOCATION ARE CLOSED]