May 2016 Almaden Valley Real Estate Market Update

Sellers are coming out in force in the Almaden Valley real estate market. As of Thursday, June 9, there are 65 single family homes listed for sale on the MLS, a number we haven’t seen on our weekly tracking report since 2012!

Sales are up as well. Although the number of sold single family homes is down from last month by about 33% and from April 2015 by about 24%, pending sales is up significantly; over 34% since last month, and a whopping nearly 46% from the same month last year!

We are also seeing prices increasing as well, with a jump from $566/sq.ft. last month to $605/sq.ft. Prices are up from the same time last year, when they were $592/sq.ft.

May 2016 Almaden Valley real estate market