June Almaden Valley Market Update

Inventory remains tight for Almaden Valley single family homes, with 39 available Monday July 14 versus 42 about a month ago. The number of homes under contract dropped from 57 to 42 over the same time frame, a clear indication that demand for homes is exceeding demand. The average price per square foot increased to $543 in June, up $16/sq.ft. from the previous month.

When we look at numbers from a year ago, we can see how hot the market is. The average price per square foot in June 2013 was $480, compared with the afore-mentioned $523 in June 2014, indicating a strong demand. With only about one month’s worth of inventory on the market, all indications are that we are in a strong seller’s market.

If you are thinking about selling your Almaden Valley home, call, email or text message me and let me show you how you can take maximum advantage of our unique market.

06-14 market update