February 2015 Almaden Valley Market Update

The seasonal holiday slowdown we see in Almaden Valley real estate is firmly behind us, and February sales data shows we are on target to hit our usual high time in spring. Sellers are putting homes on the market (albeit in not enough numbers to satisfy buyer demand) and the dramatic increase in pending sales demonstrates that buyers are ready to buy.

Although the number of homes offered for sale is still too low for the demand, they are up when we compare data from the same time last year. However, despite the fact that the number of homes for sale in February 2015 was 12% higher than it was in February 2014, the fact that the number of homes sold during this same time frame increased almost 19% indicates that buyers are eager for more inventory.

The slight drop in average price per square foot that we saw in January more than recovered in February. In December 2014, it was $536/sq.ft., edging downward slightly in January to $525/sq.ft. and rebounding to $541/sq.ft. last month. This is the highest we’ve seen it since September 2014 when the average price per square foot topped $554, a market high for the past several years.

Almaden Valley real estate remains firmly a seller’s market. If you are thinking about selling, give me a call, text or email and let me show you how I can help you get the most for your home!

2-15 graph