Drop-In-Sports Back at the Almaden Community Center

Drop in sports at almaden community centerGreat news for the community! Drop-in-sports are back at the Almaden Community Center. You can play Volleyball on Friday nights, and Basketball and Table-Tennis from 9am to 12pm on Saturday mornings.

Volleyball: at the Gym. Hours: Fridays – 6pm to 8pm.
Basketball: at the Gym. Hours: Saturdays – 9am to 12noon.
Table-Tennis: at the Community Room. Hours: Saturdays – 9am to 12noon.

Drop-in pricing:
Adults: $5.50 per session (Monthly: $27, Annual: $145)
Youth (14+), Seniors and Disabled: $2.75 per session (Monthly: $21, Annual $145)

For more information, call the Almaden Community Center at (408) 268-1133, or visit: